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History and introduction of the organization

47 KB in ward 14 of Narayanganj municipality in Shitalaksha river basin.Narayanganj Preparatory School is located in a beautiful and pleasant environment at Saha Road, Amlapara. The school was established in 2000 by Mr. Qasim Jamal, a renowned industrialist and reputed industrialist of the region, on their family land. Although the school was established in 2000, the school has undergone the desired academic and infrastructural development. The present headmaster is Mr. Anwar Hossain, the founding headmaster of this school. Before he joined the school in 2000, there were 17 students. The type of school was secondary school. As a result of the relentless and uninterrupted hard work of all, the school progresses step by step. It is a co-educational institution. The school was recognized as a primary school in 2006 and a secondary school in 2010. The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dhaka, has given permission to send students for secondary examinations in 2012, including the initial permission to teach in the humanities and science departments for 3 years from 2010 to 2012. It is to be noted that in 2010 the school was registered as a lower secondary school, in 2012 it was registered as a recognized secondary school. In 2010, the school was allowed to open business, education, computer department and agriculture / home. The school has a regular managing committee. At present there are 114 teachers in the school and 27 employees of 3rd and 4th class. The school currently has 2000 students from nursery to 10th class. The school has business, humanities and science departments. The total area of ​​the school is 19.60 cents. At present it is a modern building with five floors. Its area is 22,000 square feet. At present there is a playground with 26 classrooms, 1 library, 1 science lab, 1 computer lab. Other benefits: 1. Uninterrupted power supply 2. 12 toilets 3. Water supply through deep tube wells 4. Water filtered as drinking water 5. Curricular activities including regular . 9 club based cultural activities under the supervision of teachers . Participate in police station based creative competitions . Girls guide activities launched 9. Arrangement of educational tour 10. Poor and meritorious education without pay It is to be noted that the teachers are working harder than required to ensure quality education. Even after continuing the teaching process with proper follow-up and proper guidelines, parents have to get up to speed to get targeted good education results due to lack of some awareness.


The benefits have been described in the teaching method of the school. Even then it provides many more benefits and support to students and parents. Such as- (1) Providing full security to the students. (2) In addition to the main lessons, dance, song, recitation, acting, painting, keyboard, guitar, tabla, scouting, Red Cross, debate are taught by expert teachers. No additional fee is charged in return. (3) It has its own generator for round-the-clock power supply. (4) Computer Labs provide open internet services to all. (5) The school receives cash, provides results, communicates, etc., operated by software. (6) The opportunity to participate in the National Science Project, National Dayalika Competition, Mathematics, Science and Astronomy Olympiad is provided by the school. Moreover, it participates in national children's competitions, creative talent search competitions, national science debates, and children's national seasonal competitions. For this no money is taken for the training, practice and participation of the students. (6) Outside the day-guard, night-guard, there are three female security officers for the overall safety of the girls. (6) Separate toilet facilities for boys and girls. (9) Anruli has counselors for children. (10) Higher knowledge is imparted to the students of ninth and tenth classes by appointing the teachers of the university as guest teachers.